What Previous Attendees Have Said About Brew Your Practice Events:

"Brew Your Practice went above and beyond what I expected. It gave me the confidence and energy to evaluate my goals, and to consider 'What do I really want?' and to not just wing it. I was wanting to take the big jump into private practice, and BYP gave me the confidence to do it. And it's working!" -Sarah Ellis www.sarahgoldbergellis.com

"Brew Your Practice was wonderful. It gave me space to make time for myself to get to know my practice, and explore what I wanted and needed from my business. I met colleagues and made connections with individuals who assisted me in exploring these objectives. I set goals and created specific steps to meet these goals over the next several months. I've accomplished these goals, and continue to be supported by the relationships I developed at Brew. It was awesome." Sarah Kate Valatka, www.sarahkatevalatka.com

" EXCEEDED my expectations. I arrived with cynicism grounded in fear. I left with much more courage grounded in reality/real possibility. This event was HUGE for me, and set the wheel in better motion to clarify EXACTLY what I want to do with my practice. Before Brew your Practice, I could not have answered the question: how do you want to be spending your time (professionally) and making your money ten years from now? Now, I CAN answer that question. And THAT FEELS DELICIOUS.“ —Regan Wilds, www.wellspringcounselingnc.com

"Thank you for an incredibly clarifying, confidence-boosting few days!"--Panthea Saidipour, www.pantheacounselingnyc.com

"I loved seeing the three of you [Joe, Allison & Jane] working together. Each brought a unique touch/insight that complemented each other and the experience!"

"Brew Your Practice has been a place to take a breath and evaluate my practice, and to have great conversations about what WORKS."

"Joe, Allison, and Jane: Brilliant, kind, supportive, insightful people. Thank you!"

"Brew Your Practice taught me that I can market myself in ways that are in line with how I practice! I also learned that can and should expect to receive my full fee."

"I knew it would be fun, but it was way 'funner' than I expected!"

"A big thank you to Joseph R. Sanok, Jane Carter and Allison Salmon Puryear for putting together such an awesome time together. Just have to say it was one of those pivotal adventures that has truly made an impact!"

"BYP has helped me focus in ways I had not expected. Helped me discover some of the things I didn't know. The stuff I 'didn't know I didn't know."