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Brew Your Abundance Workshops, 10/19-20/17:

As Private Practice Coaches, there are two areas where we often see therapists getting "stuck": Money and Marketing. We've created the Brew Your Abundance workshop series to help you dig deep into these areas, address limiting beliefs, learn key strategies, and connect with others in a way that will help you break through to a new level of success in your practice! Join us:  Allison Puryear of Abundance Practice Building & Jane Carter of Brew Your Practice Coaching, for  one or both of these day-long workshops.  


Day 1: All About Money, Honey

October 19: We'll cover all things money-related in private practice! From mindset-issues like overcoming fears & limiting beliefs around money, to concrete strategies around fees, managing income, and navigating difficult money-conversations, we'll help you get comfortable making--and keeping-- money as you serve your clients wholeheartedly.

You’ll be able to state and charge your (increased?) fee confidently, without guilt.

You’ll know what and when to pay yourself.

You’ll know when to give yourself a raise.

You’ll be clear on the ways you’ve done money thus far in your life can impact your practice. ‘Cause it does for all of us. Then you can make some targeted changes to protect your practice from your personal money stuff as you sort through it.


Day 2: Ignite Your Marketing Mojo

October 20: What does it take to spread the word about your amazing work to future clients? How do you market without feeling "sleazy", or without getting overwhelmed or burned out? We'll cover key strategies for attracting your ideal clients, and help you see marketing as a meaningful and even fun component of your work.

You’ll leave with a personalized marketing plan.

You’ll learn best practices for each piece of your personalized marketing plan.

You’ll know how to get the referrals you want.

You’ll recognize marketing as a service you provide to potential clients instead of feeling gross about it.


Brew Your Abundance for One or Both Days

Each day is a separate workshop, so you can attend one or both days. We'll both be presenting a mixture of training, experiential exercises, on-the-spot consulting, and hot-seat coaching to help you get confident and excited about your money and marketing skills! Each day goes from 9-5 and includes coffee, pastries and beer at Rhubarb Restaurant in beautiful downtown Asheville, NC. Price: $250/day, or $450 for both days.

We only have space for 30 people in these trainings. We want people who are ready to dig in and really work. It doesn’t matter where you are in your practice (newbie to empire owner); we’re looking for 30 people that will actually put this stuff into practice. The first step to assessing that is whether or not you fill out this application to join. If you’re like “ugh, 3 minute application” you’re probably not a good fit right now.